How to choose a wig in the shape of your face

A good wig can reliably update your image. The difference between a passerby and a beauty wig is a wig.

The way to choose your ideal wig is very important.

First and foremost, you need to ronald wigs know the shape of your face. You can see different face shapes with different types of wigs.

The next picture will help you easily recognize the shape of your face.

Split the shape of the face in six ways.

Oval face

Congratulations, if you have an elliptical face! Your forehead, cheekbones, jaw line and jaw are very ronald wigs proportional. Your face looks good, hairstyle, length.

Straight wig can show your pure and soft temperament

If you want to see more attractive things, curly wigs will work over you.

A long face

If you have a long face, shorten the point and add your face length. You can choose a wig to shorten your face with visuals. You can choose wavy wigs on the side to add cheap wigs width and vault.

Round face

The point of a round face to choose a wig is to add your hair height and avoid width.

I remember three points.

Avoid pony, pony visually shortens your face
Add as high as possible
Geometric or linear style works better

Square face

They have a wide hairline and a broad chin. In ronald wigs general, the square face shows the girl a bit more serious. To cover a wide hairline, you can comb your forehead with hair. You can use curly hair around your jaw to form a soft line. Add as high as possible.

Cardio facial

You cheap wigs have a narrow jaw and a big forehead. You can hide the width by holding some hair on the forehead. To widen your chin, you can choose a wig that wraps around your ears and chin.

diamond face

You have a narrow forehead and a narrow jaw. The widest part of your face is your cheekbones. The wig can hide your wide cheekbones. cheap wigs Bob’s style works well on the face of diamonds.

Should I learn new skills to find your perfect wig in the shape of your face?

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