Remi Human Hair Wig | Raquel Welch Couture Collection

Every woman is worthy to have luxurious hair in her dreams. But, is there really a perfect world?

Ronald introduces the ronald wigs ultimate look and hair 100% certified 100% Remi · Human Hair. A new pinacle cap that takes the comfort of a wig to a whole new level.

The Couture – Human Hair Collection is handmade with beautiful details, with infinite styling, with 6 designer wig styles and 1 new head piece.

Hollywood and God

A wig that has a big performance everywhere. Each precise and conical ronald wigs layer defines this amazing color cut. Amazing French made Draw Lace Front and Monofilament Top offer several styling options with long length from the front and crown. In addition, Remy’s 100% cuticle hair cheap wigs can be worn off the chest away from your face, or you can sweep it sideways for a more dramatic effect.

Savoir Fair

They shine ronald wigs with this elegant look. Individual bread rolls are seamlessly mixed into a soft layer of this collar-long wig. French-made Draw Lace Front and Monofilament Top Cutting Edge Hand Knot Method creates your own cheap wigs hair appearance. The certified 100% Remy Human Hair offers a versatile option for off-center styling with more natural shine and elasticity.

Chic art

Who can resist an attractive style? We could not. Layers of light feathers are only reinforced cheap wigs with a fair amount of texture. And both sides hang around the neck for a simple and chic look. They love the perfect and natural movement of the base with 100% hands tied. And the monofilament top of the French Draw Race ronald wigs produces the most natural hairline of all time.


(This is called nothing provocateur!) This long, multi-layered wig falls under the back with a soft and beautiful wave. A one-way cuticle made of 100% certified Remy human hair shines without intertwining. You can wear it with soft curls or waves, or just to make it look straight. If you’re ronald wigs feeling more creative, the draw-top made in France offers a variety of party options to create a distant style.

High fashion

Simple, just picked up the notch. High Fashion is a classic wig with a gentle volume. A long layered silhouette gives confidence with incredible applause. Precision cut is soft, even if you touch 100% thanks to Remy, Human Hair. Fashionista cheap wigs will love the tip of French Drawn and Double Monofilament, which will pull your hair off your face and make it attractive over the forehead.

Good life

Sensual wig with a soft, layer under the shoulder. French dress lace front and monofilament top will give you the opportunity to wear hair ronald wigs from your face or divide it according to your style requires. The disposable cuticle of Remy Human Hair brings the versatility cheap wigs of changing the curled texture with an incredibly soft touch after gentle shaking.


Top part of the headboard that delivers the full volume upwards. 100% Remy Human Hair’s soft conical layer will instantly add extra length and cheap wigs coverage as needed. This piece blends seamlessly into your hair, creating an elegant, long and refreshing look.

Who says the dream will not ronald wigs come true? The Raquel Couture collection is designed to deliver the ultimate comfort of a wig with hair that gives it a shiny, softer and eye-catching sheen. You can wear them wonderfully, be styled. Or please add your personal style!

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